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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Part 4 - 60% - And more News

Dear Fans,

Firstly, we managed to get part 4 a little further. Not much, but it is something!

Secondly, I would like to proudly introduce 2 new members of our team:
Joker: some people know him from his subbing work in the past. He will help us with the translations
Yuka: Already helped us out in translating a bunch. He will also assist in translating.

As you may have noticed, we changed our banner. The team already grew into a size that it wouldn't fit under the banner!

Please hang in there until we finish part 4!
Alex & The rest of the team.


  1. Thank you all so much for subbing this for us! You guys are the best!

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    1. Saw your comment in the mail.
      I really would like to invite you to start your own team and sub other gaki no tsukai episodes.

      Thanks for the support. Not.

  3. If 3 days is 10% of one part, then one part will take 30 days. Assuming 6 parts remain then we can expect to have it all done in 180 days (6 months).. looking forward to the progress!

    1. Good calculations, but at the moment, we are still lacking many active resources in our team. I hope we can pick up the pace once again in the upcoming weeks to 1 part every 2 weeks!

    2. ummm .. im not expert in these stuff, but there should be some Japanese subtitles like srt files for Japanese people. if there are some of these subtitles, just translate them and have someone proofread them. i'm sure my idea is somehow stupid, but if there are some Japanese subtitles that made by Japanese, it would be an easy task for you guys to just translate them. and also, million thanks for translating this show.

    3. Thanks for the tip, but our translators are already using the file you are mentioning. The problem with the file is only that it adds subtitles for the things that are not already shown on screen (it is ment for people who are deaf as an extention to the subs already on screen).

      So, we still have to translate all the on-screen stuff on our own.


  4. Looking forward to seeing your good work.

    -Ville_77 / DownTown Fansubs Editor

  5. You were doing so great and so fast... If this goes on like this, it will be another year with a subtitle that takes 6/7 months to complete... when this is like a 6 hour show, and some subbers subtitle 1 hour shows in 1 week... I sincerely don't get it. Maybe these last years the show is subtitled by really slow subbers...
    I mean.. I just read that you guys don't even have to time it, you have japanese subtitles and the only thing you have to do is translate.... so... either you don't have enough translators, or the ones you have are taking their good time to translate.
    And don't come tell me to do it myself, I would, but my japanese is not good enough for a 6 hour show, but I know how difficult it is to translate, I've been doing it for more than 5 years, still, there must be something wrong with your work distribution if a 6 hour show is going to take you 7 months to translate.
    My japanese level is improving, I can sometimes subtitle 5/10 minutes clips, maybe in a year or two I could subtitle this show. It certainly won't take me (and me alone) 7 months to translate.
    You have the upper hand because nobody else tries to subtitle this when you announce that you will, so you can easily send people to hell when they complain because nobody else is doing it.
    I hope you post this comment and don't try to censore it. It's the least you can do.

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    2. It's funny how a comment from a supporter is more rude than a comment from me, somebody who is not happy with these subbers.
      Fist, no, it looks nice to say that, but no, they won't sub faster if I shut up. I'm not ungrateful, I'm just stating the obvious, that is, this subbing group is PAINFULLY SLOW. I have a problem with their work, but no, I can't find another subber, because once a group announces that they're going to subtitle a show like this, other potential subbers drop the idea because it would be stupid to subtitle a show this big twice. So I would gladly go find another subber, but since this is the group doing the subbing, other groups won't do it and I have to reluctantly accept this one.
      Second, I doubt any of this is ruining any experience for you. I could say the same of all your swearing.

      I apreciate the work this group is doing, because I know how hard it is to subtitle. But it is not as hard as they are making it look like and it shouldn't take the time is taking. Not even with the loss of some translator for some unpredicted problems. For the love of God, it took them almost a week just to upload one of the parts to dailymotion.
      I repeat what I said earlier. I appreciate your work, but you must doing something wrong in the distribution of the work if you have so many people to help and you're still gonna need 7 months to finish a 5 hours show.

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    5. Oh by the way, not being rude does not make you any less of an ass - it just makes a pretentious ass. At least I have the decency to show that I am an ass.

    6. I don't deserve politeness because of some criticism? Wow... this is certainly why nobody else is saying what I'm saying, because when somebody subtitles something and does a shitty job (either because it's painfully slow or because the subtitles are crap) you have 20 people saying "well either do it yourself or shut up" and the one who is not saying what the rest of the herd is saying is an ungrateful motherfucker.
      Of course subtitling is hard. Of course you have to take in mind cultural background. What I'm saying is even doing pretty good subtitles you don't take this much time with all these people. I already said I used to do subtitles (good ones, no Google translate) and it didn't took me this long even when I was doing it alone. And I had a good and busy social life.
      I already said I appreciate what they're doing, but that doesn't mean I don't think they're doing it poorly. And I said like 2 times already that when a subbing team is doing a work like this nobody else wants to do it so even if I wanted to, there's no other team to do it. So, like in business when there's no competition, you have to accept the slow service because there's no other service.
      So, leaving a comment here was the only option, since maybe, MAYBE (you have to hope), they'll read this and think, hey, maybe I should put more people on this, or maybe I should distribute the lines some other way that won't take forever...
      I mean, I think probably even they don't want to be 7 months subtitling one single show...

    7. And no comments on the "ass" thing, although you certainly know how to kiss some.

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    9. "Had I been on the team, I would have dropped the project, flicked you off because I do not need to take this s**t for something that I doing for free while forsaking my personal life."

      Now I understand why you're so angry. You're afraid that my comments will piss them off and you won't get your precious subtitles, aren't you? So in the end you don't apreciate shit, you're just afraid you won't get what you want.
      I can't offer solutions when I don't know how the hell they work. It's not like they're posting their work distribution in here or trying to recruit any new people. If I don't know how the hell they're doing it, I can't offer constructive criticism even if I want to. The only thing I know is they have 4 people for timing when they don't need to time, and they have 4 translators that take 30 days to translate 30 minutes.
      But don't worry, I won't comment anymore. I won't argue with a wild monkey that only knows how to swear and throw shit everywhere.

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  7. Patience is clearly not a virtue with some people here.

  8. Thank you for subbing this batsu game, keep spirit, and please don't mind for those ungrateful children :)

  9. Waw, so much anger in these comments. Please don't mind those kids, most of us really appreciate all the time, work and effort you are putting in this!!

  10. Dear Fans and fans who aren't content.

    I personally have read a little bit of the feedback some people are trying to give us. A couple of things in response:
    1 - I will delete any comments who aren't polite. So any scolding will cause your comment to be removed.
    2 - I can agree in some ways that the team isn't living up to their promises of fast and high quality subs. The cause of this is that our team had many problems. Also, only Hinnerk and me can put time in the Typesetting process while Jordan and Shadi can't be active because of problems.

    The subbing process isn't that hard, but it takes spare time of your real live. To typeset a 10min part (and i'm doing typesetting and timesetting for many years) can take up to 2 √° 3 hours. This is managable for most people, but not for all.

    At the moment we are trying to resolve the lack of typesetter activity.

    But please, you can complain, but we are doing this because of people who give us positive feedback. Why would we continue if EVERYONE in the world would start to scold and be negative when their expectations aren't met?

    I hope even you (who's expectations aren't met) can understand our position.

    Greets and have fun.

    1. I appreciate your comment and how you're not atacking me and kindly resolving my questions. I totally understand how subtitling is hard work and sometimes doesn't go as expected, but since the only information I had is that you had 9 people working on this and a 30 minutes part took 1 month, understand how that can cause disapointment. I thought the last few years when a subbing group was created to subtitle this show, things would go faster and better since more people were working on this, but it's dissapointing to see how the years where a subbing group created the subtitles, it took longer to be finished than when a sole person was doing them.
      So I understand that in the end, you don't have 4 typesetters, just 2. And 5 translators. I hope translators aren't just waiting for the typesetters to release the part they just translated to work on the next part? I assume they don't just stop translating when they finish one segment till the segment is out, do they? And I appreciate what typesetters do, but really, the people who watch this show, although they enjoy the style that the subtitles have, most of the time are fine with a simple black and white subtitle at the bottom of the video. Even a bigger font would be better. And if a 10 minutes part takes 3 hours, then a 30 minutes part takes 9 hours. Between 2 typesetters, does 9 hours of work really take a month? If it does, then it is not that you lack people working on this, but that all the people you have don't really have time to do subtitles. When I subtitled and formed groups to sub stuff, the condition I always said was indispensable was having enough free time to work on subtitles. I think most subbing teams have that condition. Of course problems can always occur that's why you had 4 typesetters, but now you have 2 and it's still not doing good. Are you open to recruit new people? Why don't post a recruitment offer here or somewhere else where you formed this group (I don't know where you guys met), and add even more people who have more free time?
      I would offer myself but I usually just create simple black and white subtitles or with just some colour and I don't know if that's enough for you. I'm used to create a subtitle from scratch by myself and I usually keep them simple and with good timing/translating quality, I don't spend that much time typesetting. Timing is what usually takes more time and is more annoying to do, and until I read that you guys where working on the japanese raw subtitle, I was not going to comment on how slow the subtitles were going, because I understand how timing is a pain in the ass.
      You usually have a lot of people here supporting your work, and it seems it's just me offering some criticism, so I hope it's ok since I'm the only one giving negative feedback and the rest is giving positive feedback. Not EVERYONE is scolding here, it's just me. Maybe more people think the same but won't say anything precisely because they don't want to depress you or take away your motivation to do this. I still think is not a sin to offer negative feedback when is due.

      Thanks and ganbare

  11. Dear Marga,

    Thanks for your constructive feedback. The way you build up positive and negative views on our work isn't negative, so don't worry.

    - Your idea of releasing the raw subs, without good timing and layout, might be a solution (our translators are doing a great job, it's just the lack of active typesetters that is the problem at the moment). We will take this in consideration.
    - Recruiting new typesetters also is a good plan which has already been taken in consideration.
    - If you have any interest in helping our team in typesetting, you're welcome to apply for the team. You look experienced enough and you don't look afraid to give feedback.
    Mail us.

    Alex & the rest of the Team.

  12. how do i join all the different *.ass (part1,2,3,4) to watch together with the full 720p files? (currently downloading the 720p full)

    1. That would ask from you to change the times of every file in Aegisub and merging the subs into one file.

      But now you're mentioning it, it would be an idea to put an subfile with all the subs until now. We might make one for you and everyone interested!

  13. From experience, subtitling by yourself will be less demanding than coordinating an entire group... but very rarely you will find all the necessary qualities in a single person. In DTFS projects, we had raw file providers, translators, spot translators for fine tuning the tl, editors for english grammar an spellchecking, typesetters and encoders. It was very productive, but every once in a while life kicks in and people will not have the same amount of time to put into a project.

    Our subs of Pie Hell and Silent Library still float around, but when we tried to tackle one of the batsu games, things gradually ground to a halt. Sadly, due to lack of long-term commitment and changing priorities, we never did finish. Having worked both in scanlations and fansubbing, it seems that the groups themselves have a short shelf life; maybe 2-3 years. Introducing fresh faces and enthusiastic workers to replace ones burdened with real life can help to add new life to any project, so I definitely think that you are on the right track.

    You have my utmost gratitude and respect for taking on a project of this size. I'm afraid I'm not much of a typesetter nor can I translate anything, but if you ever require proofreading/editing, I'm willing to help out to the best of my abilities.

    -Ville_77 / DTFS editor

    1. Dear Ville,

      I would really like to thank you for sharing your story and comments on our team.

      The point you are making with saying that a team slows down because of real life issues is the exact cause of our recent problems. Lucky we know that it isn't the lack of motivation of our teammembers, but the real world who is working against them/us!
      New people will always be a good addition, as long there is 1 guy standing on top coordinating everything with a great deal of motivation =p.

      We might contact you in the future, but for now, things are progressing better than expected!

      Thanks and Greets,