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- Hinnerk - Typesetter ( Profile - CLICK)
- JordansOcarina (Jordan) - Typesetter/Public Relations/Editor (English) ( Profile - CLICK) (Website coming soon!)
- Marga - Typesetter/Semi-translator/Quality testing
- Chapter - Typesetter/Encoder
- Shizentaisuu - Translations ( Profile - CLICK)
- Karl - Translations ( Profile - CLICK)
- Joker - Translations ( Profile - CLICK)
- Yuka - Translations (No profile available)
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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Part 4 - Let's just all laugh!

Dear fans,

Down below you will find part 4 of the new year batsu!

Enjoy and Laugh
The Team!

GNT - Enthusiastic Teachers 720p - Part 4!@ Dailymotion
Subfile (.ass) - Part 4 @ mediafire

Full Batsu torrent links (Thanks to Shizentaisuu):
720p Torrent
1080p Torrent (This isn't available yet)

Monday, February 25, 2013

A Message From Jordan

Hey everyone, I understand this is not the place for messages of this nature; but I feel obligated to address a few things.

Yes, I am completely aware of our lack of getting the subtitles out in a preferable amount of time, and I am truly sorry about this, as it simply couldn't of been avoided. But I thought, why don't I give the audience an idea of what went and currently goes on behind the scenes? Because I myself have succumbed to the "I don't have enough time" disposition.

First and foremost... Please give a big thank you to Alex, he's definitely sought through and proved some of his admirable leaderships abilities during the worst of times; he's the guy that's going to make sure everyone is in check and pursuing their parts accordingly, and if you're not, he's truthfully more understanding than he should be.

Some of you may or may not know that I am a High School student located in the United States, aside from my some-what heavy Academic load I have a respectable amount of commitments (Saxophone/Percussion player, marching band, volunteer work, social events,) while many of you are righteous to make the claim "If you don't have enough free time do not sign up for this project," I've had way more free time in the past. Mid January - late February have been absolutely ridiculous for me; my parents have recently been through a custody battle (I'm still a minor, almost an adult) that led me to have to switch schools 2 times (from the new one to back to the old one.) It wasn't until I got back to my old High School that I started to have an abundance of make-up work and homework, as well as important weekend commitments. It was a very hard time in my life (one of the hardest in fact) and very detrimental emotionally; while I probably shouldn't be talking about my personal life so openly you all deserve to know. Don't be let down by this though, a new grading period has begun and I plan to return promptly as a Typesetter very soon.

As for my fellow members... 

  • Shadi has been very busy with his 3D modeling projects, he is currently looking for a job in this department. Everyone who has been involved with some sort of artistic project (whether it would be video editing or 3D modeling) it is very strenuous and time consuming. 
  • Shizentaisuu has been busy with college.
  • In early February Mickstar had a loved one pass away, he had to visit Japan for a few weeks for their funeral. His computer also broke, but he's back now and working hard!
  • Yuka is hard at work!
  • Hinnerk has been hard at work!
  • Karl in early February told us he was moving back to Australia, he has moved and is currently getting accustomed to his new home. He recently has returned.
  • Alex has been taking initiative when Shadi cannot, and I cannot express how grateful I am for his dedication towards this project.
The Solution...

Since people seem to go from "Busy" to "Available" so subtly we've decided to hire a few more translators/typesetters to help out; they're not "substitutes" but with extra people there is always at least a few working on the project at once. Let's welcome them with open arms. 

We're currently close to releasing Part 4 and we've been making big changes to our subtitles, so everyone has something to look forward to.

 Thank you everyone for being so grateful, as it means so much to me.
- Jordan (JordansOcarina)

Latest Subtitles

Dear Fans,

Below you will find the latest subtitles available. We also made the decision the produce the subtitles with the usual, small font, but also with a bigger font for the people who enjoy bigger subtitles.

The bigger subtitles will be available in the upcoming days. Our new typesetter, Chapter, is working on fixing any problems in that version. 

Latest update: part 6 has been added.

The total .ass files with all the parts until now combined:
GNT - Enthusiastic Teachers 720p small font.ass @ Mediafire
GNT - Enthusiastic Teachers 720p big font.ass @ Mediafire

The parts on Dailymotion in 720p:
GNT - Enthusiastic Teachers 720p - Part 6!
GNT - Enthusiastic Teachers 720p - Part 5!
GNT - Enthusiastic Teachers 720p - Part 4!
GNT - Enthusiastic Teachers 720p - Part 3!
GNT - Enthusiastic Teachers 720p - Part 2!
GNT - Enthusiastic Teachers 720p - Part 1!

Full Batsu torrent links (Thanks to Shizentaisuu):
720p Torrent
1080p Torrent (This isn't available yet)

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Part 4 - 60% - And more News

Dear Fans,

Firstly, we managed to get part 4 a little further. Not much, but it is something!

Secondly, I would like to proudly introduce 2 new members of our team:
Joker: some people know him from his subbing work in the past. He will help us with the translations
Yuka: Already helped us out in translating a bunch. He will also assist in translating.

As you may have noticed, we changed our banner. The team already grew into a size that it wouldn't fit under the banner!

Please hang in there until we finish part 4!
Alex & The rest of the team.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Part 4 - 50%

Dear Fans,

I think the title gives most of you the information you were waiting for!

The progress in subbing is finally speeding up now Teammembers are coming back.
Me (Alex), Jordan, Hinnerk and Mickstar are already back working. Shadi is also coming back after finishing his own project.

Keeps your spirits up and please have some patience! 

Alex & the Team. 

Friday, February 1, 2013

Part 3 - The Beta

Dear Fans, Gaki-loves, fathers, mothers, children,

As you might have heard: our team has been struck with unpleasant circumstances from all sides. The days where we were working full time are on a hold for now.

Even so, we can release the new part 3!
We will have to note that this version isn't the quality you fans are you used to. The team hasn't been able to check it thoroughly, this will happen in the upcoming days. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

The file is compiling right now and will be online in a couple of hours! The subfile is already available for download below.

Enjoy and laugh,
The Team.

GNT - Enthusiastic Teachers 720p - Part 3!
Subfile (.ass) - Part 3 @ mediafire

Full Batsu torrent links (Thanks to Shizentaisuu):
720p Torrent
1080p Torrent (This isn't available yet)