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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Status & Recruiting (for the future)

Dear Fans, 

We are only looking for more translators right now. 

Status on Part 7: 60%

Recruiting wise...
We started out with a great team, then took a big hit, recovered and eventually got back on our feet. 
At the present time, our team is filled with very active, respected people, that help out, but there's also people that aren't living up to the expectations and are ultimately causing us to slack during the process. To prevent another long term hiatus, we are revamping the team to complete this year's Batsu, and to potentially continue after that (We want to continue subbing, but we can't say for sure which episodes we want to sub, although the extra-footage episode has an abundance of potential.)

At the moment our team has 4.5 typesetters available and really only 1 active translator; this is not sufficient. To strengthen the team, we are again recruiting, but this time the recruiting process will have a more broad criteria. We're only recruiting motivated people, willing to present good subs in a preferably timely matter.

What we are looking for:
- A minimal time of 3 hours 
of your time each week to WORK
- A minimal time of 10 minutes of you time each day to check up on updates in our group discussion and to show your progress/face (this is a must because this keeps the process much more efficient).
- Social and positive attitude towards others.
- Not afraid to give your opinion to work towards the future. 

- A Skype and Dropbox account. 
- Charismatic/dedicated members.

- Medium/good knowledge of the Japanese Language
- Knowledge of Japanese culture (to interpret the jokes).

What We Will Offer You:
- If you prove to be an good addition to our team, we will mention your name on the blog, in the subtitles and on our facebook page.
There is the option to add a link to a personal page so people can track you down if they need you for your skill or to leave feedback (Mickstar did this with his twitter account). 

- The possibility to let your opinion be heard within our team and take an active role in the future plans of the team.

You can send your résumé to our Team Gaki e-mail address. (
In the upcoming days, we will reply to all applications and maybe reach out to past applications. 


-- Revised by Jordan Bueno.


  1. Thankfully I'm a very patient person. I do wish this whole sub was completed before the fall, though. LOL

  2. u guys should also post it in gaki forum cuz there is a high chance to find them there. Good luck and many thanks.

  3. Do whatever you want but maybe one project at a time is sufficient when there's staffing problems lol. Good luck though hope you find some more people.

  4. I agree with Janet that working on one project at a time is much more wise when you have problems. If you are doing subs for more project while having problems it may end in delivering nothing for a very long period of time.

    Anyway - thank you very much for your great work. All the episodes already subbed (and not only for batsu game in 2013) are great and I am really having fun watching them. My Japanese language skills are very lame - in fact I learn Japanese thanks to you while watching GNT - so I admire your work even more.

  5. Probably not the best place to post an ad for a Japanese translator. Most are here because we don't speak/understand Japanese. Lol.

    Thanks for all the hard work though. Truly appreciate it.

    1. tru that why i said they should put it in gaki forum or any other gaki site. still i didn't find any topic about what you guys need in gaki forums.

    2. It's in the header of the site;)

  6. i would love to be apart of the team, im still learning japanese atm, dont think ill be a good translator :( . if there is anyother way i can help im up for it.

    1. You can be a typesetter if you think you have the potential; submit an application!

  7. why " Social and positive attitude towards others." got underlined?
    is there are a fight ?

    1. No, there has been no arguments or fights; we prefer everyone to have a positive attitude, nothing can be accomplished without a positive mind-set.

  8. Did you change the status from 70% to 50% or did I just dream about that? :S

  9. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. Way to deal with criticism, kid.

  10. Need..Gaki fix...must have.. or..SMASH

    Seriously, nobody is subbing gaki stuff anymore. shibatabread quit, zurui gave up, echi... isn't doing anything.

    This sucks :(

    1. maybe they have all decided to watch the Korean show running man, so now they have no free time. lol.
      (recently got into it while looking for something new to watch cause gaki subbing dried up)
      Seriously though if you are looking for a tv show or something to watch and haven't watched it check it out, running man is just awesome, funny and even epic at times. :)
      Have fun fellow gaki fans. :)

    2. hey thanks I will give it a watch!

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  12. I wish I could help you guys, but, since I'm not a native english speaker, I dont think I would make a good job.
    Keep the good work, GNTTeam!