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Monday, February 25, 2013

Latest Subtitles

Dear Fans,

Below you will find the latest subtitles available. We also made the decision the produce the subtitles with the usual, small font, but also with a bigger font for the people who enjoy bigger subtitles.

The bigger subtitles will be available in the upcoming days. Our new typesetter, Chapter, is working on fixing any problems in that version. 

Latest update: part 6 has been added.

The total .ass files with all the parts until now combined:
GNT - Enthusiastic Teachers 720p small font.ass @ Mediafire
GNT - Enthusiastic Teachers 720p big font.ass @ Mediafire

The parts on Dailymotion in 720p:
GNT - Enthusiastic Teachers 720p - Part 6!
GNT - Enthusiastic Teachers 720p - Part 5!
GNT - Enthusiastic Teachers 720p - Part 4!
GNT - Enthusiastic Teachers 720p - Part 3!
GNT - Enthusiastic Teachers 720p - Part 2!
GNT - Enthusiastic Teachers 720p - Part 1!

Full Batsu torrent links (Thanks to Shizentaisuu):
720p Torrent
1080p Torrent (This isn't available yet)


  1. Thanks! Im a morron when it comes to technical things sometimes and had no idea how to combine .ass files..btw is the part 3 subtitles thats included the beta or an improved version?

  2. one of your Subtitles in your combined small .ass run for 30 minutes and overwrites all the other subtitles in that time. thought you might wanna fix that ;)

  3. Slayeer,man, wherever u guys do ,when it comes to "Endo"s trial ,please hav the whole thing, do not cut it, cuz im waiting like crazy to hear and see that,thank u for ur time ,best regards Gabe. And as always many, many, THANKS.

  4. I really love this batsu series from the start and i appreciate all your efforts guys! i also hope you'll include to sub the "DELETED SCENES" on this batsu series as well as the Gaki Batsu AIRPORT Del. Scenes..

    keep on subbing guys! you don't know how much we appreciate your efforts.. :)
    thanks a lot!

  5. hello..
    do you mind adding the part 6 to the total subs
    dont know how to join the sub file
    thank you
    and great work all ^_^

  6. none of the links work...they take me to a blank page with an add for and it just stays there...

    whats up with that?

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    2. Maybe something with ad-blocker?

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. I am getting an "Unknown Style" error from MPC + CCCP :( The subs work but the styles go to default and the placement in the screen becomes dumb