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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

PART 1 - It has begon!

Dear fans,

We finished the first 28 minutes of the Batsu. You can watch it, for now, on Dailymotion and we added the link to the .ass subtitle. You can use it with the 720p and 1080p version Shizentaisuu made!

GNT - Enthusiastic Teachers 720p - Part 1!
Subfile (.ass) - Part 1! @ mediafire

Full Batsu torrent links (Thanks to Shizentaisuu):
720p Torrent
1080p Torrent (This isn't available yet)


  1. Thank you very much for your hard work!

  2. Hmm... Dailymotion tells me "Error 403: Access Forbidden" instead of showing me the video... I'm not sure why?

  3. same here :/

    Could it be that you need to change the settings so that everyone can watch the video?

  4. Hi,

    Can you upload the .ass file somewhere else ? Because 4shared needs an account.

  5. thanks a ton for your hard work guys.

  6. Thank you guys, that's rather quick for the first part! Really awesome job.

  7. I got this from to login and download the sub. login / password dadi

  8. Cant open the link to the subs as addfly is alway telling that cookies not enabled in brower, I even tried it to 4 diffrent PC still same problem

  9. Fixed,

    Sorry for the inconvenience!

  10. do you mind uploading the soft subs onto another host? for some reason, i am unable to get it from 4shared.

  11. You have to create an account at 4shared? What a shitty idea, please put it up somewhere more publicly

    1. I didn't you know you had to.
      And please, give feedback a normal fashion, not with "What a shitty idea".


  12. "6. Do you take donations, to speed up your lazy working pace?
    At this time no.
    Until we will, donate to the site!"
    Why bother with ad links then? I'm sure you would earn more if you opened donations. I don't mind the way it currently is too much, but please don't go overboard like other GnT subbers have in the past. Also I like how simple the blog is.

    Anyways, thank you guys very much!

  13. Great that you release the .ass files right away !
    Seems to work fine with the 1080i version I have.

  14. For future reference people who get that "cookies not enabled" error use this temporary method to get past it.

    -Right click the blue adfly banner and click view Source
    -Ctrl+f this without the quotations-> "var url" and copy the "/go/..." and paste into your browser bar.
    ex: .

  15. Thank you very much for your hard work ^^!

  16. Thanks a lot but could you make the subs a bit bigger next time.

  17. I don't know how to use or what the .ass file is, can someone explain? Or could someone give me the link so that I can watch it on Dailymotion?

    1. Basically to use an .ass you must of downloaded the 720p version of the Batsu game, which can be found here:

      You'll also need VLC media player:

      To play, name the .ass file the same as the video it is associated with and it will automatically start playing with the subtitles in VLC media player.

  18. You guys rock!!! Not watching it until it's fully subbed, but thanks for all your hard work! :D

  19. Thank you so much for doing all this and so fast but I must say the text really is quite small so it's hard to read and watch at the same time.

  20. sirs, can u make the subs bigger?? thanx

  21. This would be a little work, maybe that someone else of the community wants to this for you? otherwise you'll have to learn how to do it with aegisub.

  22. The text, at least for me, on VLC overlaps it's self. Anyway to fix this?

  23. Excuse me i dont know how to use torrents, but can you please tell me how to get the dailymotion vid, theres no link

  24. i really wish you didnt choose to make all the subs soooo tiny. Pretty silly choice if youi ask me.

    1. Hey Brian,

      Long time no see dude!
      You really made an whirlwind in our team. We decided to make bigger subtitles from now on!