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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Part 2 on the way

Hey everybody,

Our team has proven to be awesome (Mickstar in special). 
We just finished translating part 2!!!

Now only the typesetting->timing->checking is left.

It's almost time to enjoy part 2!

Team Gaki. 


  1. You guys are the best! I appreciate all the work you do to bring joy to us non-Japanese speaking people.

  2. That is amazing! I do have one issue though - there are quite a lot of mistakes in the first one, mostly in typesetting. The first 6 minutes or so so are just off, text overlaps, they're off by some pixels, width and height.

    Great work though!

    1. In what version have you seen this problem?

    2. Firstly thanks for all the hard work!

      I've seen this issue on both the dailymotion video and .ass with 720p raw (using mpc via cccp). It is mostly an issue when there is a 2 part line (e.g. something is said and then followed up with a punchline). I'll get some timestamps when I get home.

    3. I have the same problem too, mainly using media player classic with cccp codec pack and vlc media player.

      happens often when there are two lines of text, they just go out of synch then. one line of text seems fine tho

  3. -- and might I add that you should never, ever, ever use Comic Sans MS? D:

  4. Wow, great job guys!
    Your work is truly awesome.
    Thank you for subbing this year Gaki No Tsukai, really appreciate it.

  5. thank you so much!!!
    if it werent for you guys we wont be able to understand anything!!

  6. Keep up with the great work guys!

    Really appreciate it!

  7. The overlapping subtitles 'error' is also ocurring when using the file in the 1080i version (on VLC).

    1. Have you tried the latest version? That fixed all errors for me with the 720p.

  8. Do you have a date of the output of the 2nd part ?

  9. As someone who had timed/typeset some of a GNT batsu in the past I can safely say that it is a long and soul destroying process. This is mainly due to many people speaking at once and the studio feed in the top corner.