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- Hinnerk - Typesetter ( Profile - CLICK)
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- Marga - Typesetter/Semi-translator/Quality testing
- Chapter - Typesetter/Encoder
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Friday, January 4, 2013

Second things

A couple of new pieces of information can be brought out into the public about the subbing proces:

We got a new teammember:
dosenpfand123 - He will work on the typesetting, timing and coloring with us!

We are also done with the cutting and editing of the video, so that we can almost start with the subbing proces. The pieces will be 30 minutes long and will be uploaded on Dailymotion. 

Any questions? Leave a comment!

And the rest of the team!


  1. my english isn't so good but i try..^^

    1. will you uploading it to any file hosters so that we could downloading it as a hd file?

    2. when they show the gaki no tsukai members at the corner of the video, it would be great if that speeches are subbed too, on the other batsu games it was subbed but not every thing, it is good to know what they say when they watching them selfes^^

  2. 1. I don't know if i will be uploading all the parts to a hosting site. I may upload the different sub parts so that people can watch the subs in HD on there own PC.

    2. We try to sub everything that is being said, but some things get lost in all the different things that happen on screen.