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The subtitling team thus far:

- Slayeer (Alex) - Typesetter/Organizer ( Profile - CLICK)
- Shadi - Typesetter/Organizer (Also a 3D modeler/texturer. For his work, follow the link )CLICK ( Profile - CLICK)
- Hinnerk - Typesetter ( Profile - CLICK)
- JordansOcarina (Jordan) - Typesetter/Public Relations/Editor (English) ( Profile - CLICK) (Website coming soon!)
- Marga - Typesetter/Semi-translator/Quality testing
- Chapter - Typesetter/Encoder
- Shizentaisuu - Translations ( Profile - CLICK)
- Karl - Translations ( Profile - CLICK)
- Joker - Translations ( Profile - CLICK)
- Yuka - Translations (No profile available)
- Mickstar - Translations (Also has a twitter.) CLICK ( Profile - CLICK)


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Thursday, January 3, 2013

First things first

Right now we are working on getting a team together and making plans for starting the subbing process. The team consists out of 4 members:
- ShadiHD - Timing/captions/Typesetting
- Slayeer - Timing/captions/Typesetting
- Orbixx - Translations
- Shizentaisuu - Translations

Al4bandi put up a couple of good questions on the GnT forum that deserved answering:
1. When will it be ready?
2. How long do you need?

We will be working in 3 teams, if you we find enough people.
I guess around 2/3 months from now, if everything works out right!
3. Will you do 15minute parts, 30 minute parts, 1h parts or sub the whole god damn thing in one session. How about 30minuts segments? 

I enjoyed the 30min segments last year more than the 10min segments, and it also gives you guys something to watch once a couple of weeks!
5. Will you sub every day?
That depends on each person, there personal lives etc. I personally can sub arround 30min a day.
6. Do you take donations, to speed up your lazy working pace?
At this time no.
Until we will, donate to the site!
7. You sure Chono is showing up? Srsly?
I haven't watched the full show, so I SRSLY don't know yet, haha.
8. Is there a possibility that the subs are finished before the weekend?
Nope, we are still looking for new members and making preparations.
9. Are there gonna be SD/HD subs?
We will most likely use the .flv version that is almost 720p!
10. placeholder question (like that number ten, ya know)
Placeholder answer.
11. Is the Obaa-san really such a horny gal or rather such an excellent actress?
Which Granny doesn't like to kiss 20/30 year younger guys hahaha?

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